The 3 Crosses*
“Let’s dot America’s landscape!”

How to erect:
1.  All wood is 4" by 4" pressure treated.
2.  The cross of Jesus is 16' in vertical height (13' above ground level) by 8' in horizontal length.  The 8' horizontal piece is 3' below the top of the vertical piece. The crosses of the two robbers are 12' in vertical height (10' above ground level) by 6' in horizontal length. The two 6' horizontal pieces are 2' below the top of the vertical pieces. Each piece is notched out, then glued and nailed together. Jesus' cross is painted white on each face and on all sides, while the robbers' crosses are painted only on each face so that when viewing them from either direction the white will always be on the right of Jesus and the black will always be on the left of Jesus.  All 3 crosses are set in concrete.
3.  If possible the 3 crosses should face east and west to try and prevent turning of the wood by the sun.
4. The center cross can be painted with reflective sign paint manufactured by 3M.



     *When I first moved to West Virginia in 1985 I noticed 3 crosses along the highways.  The cross of Jesus was painted gold and the other two crosses were painted blue. I learned that this was the work of Mr. Bernard Coffindaffer
     I wrote him to ask why the two blue crosses when I always believed that Biblically and symbolically the robber on the right went to be with Jesus in Paradise and the robber on the left didn’t (Mt. 25:31-46); although he had an opportunity to do so as both robbers were casting insults at Jesus before it got dark at noonday.
     Mr. Coffindaffer wrote me to say he didn’t want to be judgmental. Personally, I disagreed with him.  However, in 2015 I started to wonder about what Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” Were both robbers forgiven along with the entire crowd?
     Romans 10:1 quotes the Apostle Paul as saying, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.” This too; for my family, friends and all people is the desire of my heart.


Mt. 27:38, 44-45; Mark 15:27-28, 32-33; Luke 23:32-46; John 19:31-34

1 gold 2 blue


Crosses Across America