1992 27th Consecutive Year 2018

Christian Heritage Week in West Virginia

November 18-24, 2018

“To keep our families secure, communities safe and Mountaineers free!”

     Local churches are encouraged to participate with relevant Sunday School lessons, sermons, readings of your Mayor’s proclamation and Governor Justice’s proclamation, patriotic song services, youth programs and prayer meetings.



2018 Proclamation by Governor Justice

Mayoral Proclamations 2001-2018

“Sundays excepted” in WV Constitution

The West Virginia Hills

This Is My West Virginia

West Virginia My Home Sweet Home

Governor Proclamations 1992-2017

The Right to Proclaim “Christian Heritage Week”


America tract




Illegal to censor religious references from American History
as taught in the public schools of West Virginia

The Right to Display Nativity Scenes on Public Property

For God, Family and America
13 Online Patriotic Revival Seminar Lessons

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