Proclaiming America's Christian Heritage®
" keep our families secure, communities safe and America free..."

America's Christian Heritage Week®
November 23-29, 2014 - Thanksgiving week - annually since 1992

"The religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and His Apostles....
This is genuine Christianity and to this we owe our free constitutions of government."

(Noah Webster, History of the United States, 1832, public school textbook.)


Introduced 8-11-92 in the
U.S. House of Representatives

Proclamations by Governors

Sample ACHW Proclamation

Christian Heritage Week in West Virginia

Evidence of America’s Christian Heritage

     Right click on the sample proclamation shown below, select print picture and then FAX a copy to The White House at 202-456-2806.  Please also send a copy to your representatives in the U.S. Congress asking them to request President Obama, too.  Thank you!

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Proclamations by President Obama

Presidential Proclamations
1789 to 2014

“For God, Family and Country”
13 Online Patriotic Revival Seminar Lessons

Nativity Displays on Public Property

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